2015 Online Pastel Competition

And the Winners Are...

Congratulations to our 2015 Online Pastel Competition winners! Check out the all the winning artworks!

2015 Online Pastel Competition - Accepted Pieces

2015 Accepted Pieces

Congratulations to all the artists who were accepted into our 2015 Online Pastel Competition! Check out all the accepted pieces here.

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Premium Sanded Pastel Paper

The right art paper surface allows artists to perfectly capture their works in bold, brilliant color or deep, dramatic black and white. Just as important, it holds on tight to each masterpiece, preserving the composition for years to come.

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Seen in museums, galleries and art competitions, UART Premium Pastel Paper has provided the base for award-winning and awe-inspiring works of art.

Seven sanded paper grades

UART Premium Pastel Paper is constructed to provide pastel, pencil and watercolor artists with a quality and reliable foundation. With seven paper grades from 240 to 800, our sanded pastel paper accepts a wide variety of media for underpainting without compromising the tooth. You can layer, correct and create without impairing the paper or your piece. In addition, our manufacturing process guarantees a consistent surface so your work looks flawless from corner to corner.

A demanding artist requires a partner that demands more from its paper. Our dedication to quality, dependability and value ensures you can create without compromise.